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 November 2005 Edition                                      Amateur Radio... When All Else Fails!

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November Meeting:  GeoCaching

º Volunteer Exam Test Opportunity

º December Holiday Dinner Banquet

º Election of 2006 Club Officers

Interesting response back from
Congressman Jim Matheson:

Response regarding Club’s letter soliciting his support of House Resolution 3876

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Dues for 2006 are now being solicited. Dues are $15.00 per member ($20.00 per family for multiple ham families). Check the Club's membership ROSTER to see that you are shown as current. We will even accept your tardy dues for 2005 if you feel the slightest bit of guilt.  If you are shown as current (2005) (2006) or know you haven't paid yet, please make your check payable to "DARC" and bring it to the meeting or mail it to the club address:

Dixie Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 422
Santa Clara, UT 84765

The Club Callsign of the Dixie Amateur Radio Club is:

November Club Meeting:  GeoCaching

Club member Dan Sadler, K3RKW, will be providing the club members in attendance with an educational primer on the fascinating sport, hobby and adventure known as GeoCaching. This presentation was originally scheduled for last month but was postponed until this month because of time constraints. GeoCaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a GPS unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache.

The November meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at the St. George City Community Arts Building which is located at 86 South Main Street. The meeting will be in Room B on the north side of the building.

Also on the agenda will be:

- Nominations opened to general membership for 2006 DARC Board/Report from the Nominating Committee

- Solicitation of Person(s) to assist with Programs/Activities

- Discussion and vote on setting Sunday Night DARC Net at a fixed year-round time.

- Refreshments

Volunteer Exam Session

There will be a ARRL Volunteer Exam Session held at 6:00 P.M. at the same location as the Club Meeting.

If you are a person desiring to take an Amateur Radio test or a currently licensed ham wanting to upgrade this month, or are a Volunteer Examiner who would like to help out at a session, please contact please contact V.E. Coordinator Ron Sappington, WI7Z, via e-mail or telephone (435) 673-4552; or Board Member Dan Farwell, W8EQA,  via e-mail or telephone at (435) 668-1609. Please contact no later than Tuesday, November 15th.

December Holiday Dinner

The Dixie Amateur Radio Club holds an annual dinner during the month of December. This year’s dinner will be held at 6:30 P.M. on Friday, December 2, 2005. The location is in the Garden Room of the Cottontown Village which is located at 300 West Telegraph Street in Washington City. The cost for the dinner will be $10.00 per person. The buffet style dinner menu includes Turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetable, roll, tossed salad, dessert and beverage.

Please note that you do NOT need to "pre-pay" for the banquet.  You simply need to bring to the Banquet either cash or a check payable to "Staheli's Catering".  An RSVP of the number in your group for the dinner- prior to November 23rd - would be appreciated to w7drc@arrl.net.

This year everyone in attendance who purchases a dinner will be entered in the grand prize drawing for a brand new Alinco DJ196T 2 meter handheld transceiver. We will draw the grand prize before dinner and seal it in an envelope until the completion of the remaining drawings. All grand prize (dinner) drawing tickets except the selected one will be placed in with the additionally purchased drawing tickets which will be available for $1.00 each.

We are soliciting donations from local/regional merchants and will have a selection of items to win during the prize drawing.

Election of 2006 Board of Directors

During the December Banquet an election is held to elect the Board of Directors for the Dixie Amateur Radio Club for the upcoming year. All members of the Club are invited to participate in the election and are encouraged to volunteer their skills, time and services to the Club. Nominations will be solicited at the November 16th Club meeting and will again be opened at the December 2, dinner banquet.

Special Guest Speaker

“Ranger Bart” Anderson, also known to us as fellow Dixie Amateur Radio Club member Bart, K7EDU, will again entertain, enlighten and educate attendees at this year’s banquet when he presents a talk following dinner.

The topic of Bart’s presentation will be announced either at the November Club meeting or in a reminder e-mailing to Club Members for Dinner.

If you are new to the area and have not yet had the opportunity to attend a Ranger Bart history presentation, especially make plans to attend this year's banquet.

Presidents Message

This month's message will be short but complementary.  I am extremely proud of the  local area Amateur Radio operators who have participated this fall in the St. George Marathon as well as the Huntsman World Senior Games. The comments and critique we have received from those agencies and organizations we have assisted are a reflection on the "professionalism" of Our Club's "Amateurs".

Carrying forward from our public service communications I believe the next step that MUST occur is to become a more formally recognized organization in regards to Emergency Response Communications. Representatives from our Board will be meeting with others in the Virgin River area (i.e. Mesquite area, Moapa, etc.) to discuss a unified approach to this. My goal as an Amateur Radio operator and an active member of this organization is to see this come to fruition.

I have enjoyed serving as your President this year. If there is anything I can do in the last month or so of my term, or if you have any concerns or complaints, please fell free to contact me and discuss them.


Gary ,  N7ARE