Dixie Amateur Radio Club

 January 2007 Edition                                      Amateur Radio... When All Else Fails !

In This Issue:

º January Meeting:
  How to Renew Your License - presentation
  Accomplicments of  2006 - 
  ARES Training - Message Handling  
   Baja 1000 w/Radio Comm. -

º Volunteer Exam Test Opportunity

º  Christmas Dinner Wrap-up

º  Election of 2007 Club Officers

º AC6V Ham Radio Links



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Amateur Electronic Supply
The closet place to home to spend money on what drives our habit 

Utah VHF Society
Link to current repeater news and directories

Contact DARC:

Join the ARRL!

Please help support the club!

Dues for 2007 are now being solicited. Dues are $15.00 per member ($20.00 per family for multiple ham families). Check the Club's membership ROSTER to see that you are shown as current. We will even accept your tardy dues for 2006 if you feel the slightest bit of guilt.  If you know you were negligent in 2006, you are on the honor system.  To pay your membership dues, please make a check or money order payable to "DARC" and bring it to the meeting or mail it to the club address:

Dixie Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 422
Santa Clara, UT 84765

The Club Callsign of the Dixie Amateur Radio Club is:



The ac6v.com supersite has some very good information in their Ham terms and jargon section:


Of course the International Phonetic Alphabet is indispensable in making oneself understood on the air:


Last but not least the "Q" signals are a great tool to save words, enhance understanding and save a big dumb look on an operators face when they don't know the most common Q signals:


Ham Cartoon:

January Club Meeting: 

Ron Sappington, WI7Z, will be providing the club members in attendance with an special  presentation on how the Amateur Radio license renewal process is conducted. You will learn the ins-and-outs of the on-line renewal process.

Thom Oliphant will provide training on message handling.  New ARES training will begin shortly. There are several events in the works that ARES will be involved with. Thom will discuss the particulars of this.

Dan Farwell, W8EQA will make a visual presentation on the accomplishments of the club last year.

Gary Zabriskie, N7ARE, will provide a lighter side to a mini "DX"-pedition/working vacation/trip to paradise/heck. A presentation on this past December's Baja 1000 race and the use of radio communications links to "try" and keep track of competitors that our pit is providing services for. Both Gary and Dan, W8EQA participated in this annual event.

Please note that the January meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at the St. George City Community Building which is located at 245 North 200 West.

Also on the agenda will be:

- Sucesses of 2006
- Recognition of the 2007 Board
- Refreshments

Volunteer Exam Session

There will be a ARRL Volunteer Exam Session held at 6:00 P.M. at the same location as the Club Meeting.

If you are a person desiring to take an Amateur Radio test or a currently licensed ham wanting to upgrade this month, or are a Volunteer Examiner who would like to help out at a session, please contact please contact V.E. Coordinator Ron Sappington, WI7Z, via e-mail or telephone (435) 673-4552; or Board Member Dan Farwell, W8EQA,  via e-mail or telephone at (435) 668-1609.

December Holiday Dinner Wrap-up

The Dixie Amateur Radio Club held its annual dinner and elections on December 8, 2006. The location was in the Garden Room of the Cottontown Village in Washington City.

The dinner included traditional holiday menu. The fun and games were followed by the ever popular prize drawings.
This year everyone in attendance who purchased a dinner was entered in the grand prize drawing for a brand new Yaesu 2 meter mobile rig.  A nice 2 meter handheld was also drawn for along with many smaller items.

Here are some pictures from the dinner:

Election of 2007 Board of Directors

During the December Banquet an election was held to elect the Board of Directors for the Dixie Amateur Radio Club for the upcoming year.
Elected were the following:

PRESIDENT:  Hal Whiting, KI2U





BOARD MEMBER:   Dan Farwell, W8EQA

BOARD MEMBER:   Gary Zabriskie, N7ARE

Net Preamble and Roster:

It was requested that the Preamble and Roster for the Sunday night DARC net be posted online. It will be made a permanent fixture elsewhere on the web page but is posted here for this newsletter:

DARC Sunday Evening Net Preamble:

Good evening, this is _______________
opening the Dixie Amateur Radio Club Sunday evening net.

This net is being conducted weekly at 8:00 PM local time for the purpose of handling traffic, making announcements, selling or trading ham related items and to get acquainted with call signs and fellow hams.

The DARC meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Please see our club website (www.dixieham.org) for a map and details or listen to this net for upcoming meeting locations until we have a permanent meeting place for 2006.

There is a VE session before each meeting at 6:00 PM.

Emergency traffic may be indicated by a triple break and will be accepted at any time.

This is a directed net. Please do not transmit unless directed to do so by the net control station.

You may be placed on the roll by checking in three times a month and remain on the roll by checking in at least two times every calendar month.

Any station with traffic or news for the net, please check in now.

Unless otherwise directed by net control, all stations will please remain on frequency until all traffic has been listed and assigned.

The following is roll call………(Net control calls each station sequentially)

Any late or missed member check ins please call now…
(Net control stands by for members)

Any visitors or echo link check ins please call now ……….(Net control stands by EchoLink  checkins and visitors)

Last call for check ins….(Net control stands by for any additional checkins to the net)

At this time the Dixie Amateur Radio Club would like to thanks all those who checked in.

This net is now closed.

Click this link for the DARC SUNDAY NIGHT NET ROSTER
(Adobe Acrobat Required)