President: Dan Farwell W8EQA  V.P.: Casey Lofthouse KD7HUS Treasurer:Travis Lofthouse KD7FRN  Secretary: Chuck Hardy KD7RZF

                 Board of Directors: Al Mott, Ron Sappington, Duane Beecher


Congratulations to all the new DARC club officers and board members!

Many thanks to the outgoing officers and board members for a job well done in 2002!

With the New Year comes the time to renew your support for the  DARC. Club membership and dues are still only $15.00 yearly.

Please mail your checks payable to “DARC”

And mail them to our club address:

Dixie Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 433

Santa Clara, UT 84765



DARC Christmas Party

New Officers and Board Members


On December 6th the DARC had their annual Christmas dinner and club meeting to elect the  officers and board members to serve during 2003.

The following members were elected and will serve in the coming year.

President: Dan Farwell (W8EQA) Vice President: Casey Lofthouse (KD7HUS) Treasurer: Travis Lofthouse (KD7FRN) and Secretary: Chuck Hardy (KD7RZF)

The DARC Board Members are:

Al Mott (K7WAM), Ron Sappington (WI7Z) and Duane Beecher (W7BN)


The following won prizes at the dinner party:

Grand Prize: Dan Hale (KC8TEN) Icom V8000 2 meter base station.

Chuck Hardy (KD7RZF) Yaesu VX-150 HT

Chuck Hunt (N6MKR) Cobra FRS HTs (2)

There were a dozen members who won prizes and some nice Poinsettias were given as door prizes.

Many thanks to all that attended and helped do the ground work for this yearly event.



Dixie Amateur Radio Club

Bank Balance: $514.85



Personal Profile

Travis Lofthouse- KD7FRN


Travis Lofthouse was born January 18, 1968 and was first licensed in June of 1999.

Travis was born in Paradise…….Paradise, Utah that is, and now currently resides  at 444 E. Sunland Dr. #69, St George, Utah.

Phone 435-652-8552 and e-mail kd7frn@infowest.com

Travis is a General class ham radio operator and grew up with his father (K7OA) as an amateur radio operator.  His dad always tried to promote ham radio within the family, with his wife and 8 of his 13 children receiving licenses, but the final motivation for Travis to get licensed was his involvement with Boy Scouts and frequent trips to remote areas. It only seemed natural to have a ham radio with him for emergency communications.

Field Day is the favorite event for Travis and his favorite Ham radio software is “Ham University”

Travis and Kim Lofthouse have three wonderful children:

Cody – 6, Brenna – 4 and Tommy – 1year.

Travis has worked for Ence Construction for 7 years and is currently a purchasing agent.

His current equipment consists of an Icom 2100H and a Yaesu VX-150.

His future dreams for Ham Radio include: More CW, PSK-31, Packet, Satellite, IRLP and Fox hunting.

Travis served on the DARC board of directors in 2000, was the President of the DARC in 2001 and continues to support the club in his second year as Treasurer.


The DARC club meeting will be the third Wednesday of January the 15th at 7:00 PM in the old Harmon’s building at 55 S. and 900 E.

There will be a VE session before the club meeting at 6:00 PM.

The VE test fee will be $12 for 2003.

If you are a VE and would like to help please contact Ron Sappington, WI7Z at 673-4552 or 467-4552.


Dan Sadler, K3RKW will present the sport of Geocaching- what it is, how it works and how you can get involved.

You can get a preview from their web site at:


We will also discuss the role of the Dixie Amateur Radio Club in our community and highlight some of the club events.


Please direct any questions or desires about this newsletter to:

Dan Farwell W8EQA – 688-1609 – w8eqa@infowest.com









MOMMY! MOMMY! What is that thing?

Well, Honey I don’t know let’s go to the front door and ask.

Hello, my son here is really curious. What is that thing up there?

Oh, that’s my ham radio antenna.

Ur, well, what do you do with it?

Well, I can talk to people all over the world wanna see?


WOW, look at all that stuff on his desk!


Have a seat right here son.


K4CDC this is W8AHM do you copy?

W8AHM this is K4CDC, loud and clear here in Sarasota, Florida.

My name is Bill what’s yours – over.


MOMMY he’s talking to Florida!!


Very fine business Bill you’re 5 X 9 near Youngstown, Ohio and my name is Dave. I have some visitors in the shack and I’d like to have them say hello.

Ur, well. HELLO …. my name is Danny…….

Good afternoon Danny, glad to meet you and hope you’re having


The seed was planted and I was awestruck. It would be several years later when a local commercial painter was working on our house that ham radio would surface again.

That same painter would lead me into ham radio. First I visited his house for dinner and a demonstration. Then when I showed real interest he loaned me his WWII instructograph to help learn the code.

My first rig was all borrowed. A crystal controlled Globe Scout and a

WWII BC-348 receiver to a dipole antenna.

I’d work on my cw daily but I just couldn’t seem to get passed 5 wpm.

One day my ham radio Elmer took me to a friend’s house and sat me down in front of a real receiver. I marveled at the beautiful knobs on that old HRO-50. I found the cw band and began to copy. After a few minutes the station owner came by and said:

“OK, now put away that pencil and paper, close your eyes and just try to see the code in your mind.”

He was right and with a little practice my code speed and confidence soon skyrocketed. I was on my way……………




Don’t Forget the DARC Sunday evening net:

146.91- at 7:00 PM