Dixie Amateur Radio Club

For The Whole Ham Family       

May 2001

Help Wanted

Has anyone noticed we’ve been shy on newsletters lately? Carol Woolley (KD7BYE) did a fabulous job last year. Thanks Carol! We are now looking for someone to fill her shoes. To volunteer, please contact Travis Lofthouse, 652-8552. Guest writers are welcome. Share your expertise! Share your latest exciting contact, tell us about your new rig, write an equipment review, or whatever. What is it about amateur radio that really excites you? Want to tell us about your specialty? Submit your columns to any member of the board!

Also, to spread out the tasks, Bindy Boylin (KB6UJR) has brought the refreshments to the club meetings for the last year or so. Anyone that wants to pitch in and give her a breather is welcome to. Please contact Bindy at 688-7190.

Field Day

Our Field Day coordinators this year are Dan Farwell (W8EQA), John Hunt (K7XE) and Tom Griffith (W5CNG). They would be happy to hear any of your ideas. Please be thinking of what you may be able to do to help. To volunteer to help or give any ideas, please contact one of them.


Dan Farwell (W8EQA) is also the Southern Utah coordinator for the Hamfest this year. To find out more, check out the website at http://www.utahhamfest.org/ or contact Dan at 688-1609.

Treasurer’s Report

General Fund              $ 624.26

Repeater Fund            $ 887.05

Total                           $1,511.31

Membership Dues $15/Year

Web Pages

Amateur radio is alive and well on the internet. Here are a few of my favorite sites.











Do you have your personal amateur radio web page? Tell us about it so we can all check it out. Here is one from our own Dan Farwell (W8EQA): http://www.qsl.net/w8eqa/

Club Website

     Watch for developments at our club’s new website at http://www.dixieham.org/. Lansource has agreed to provide space for this. Thanks Tracy Peek (KB4YHB)!

To sign up to receive your newsletter by email, please send an email to kd7frn@infowest.com. Use this same address to volunteer to provide content, maintain or contribute to the club web page to include monthly newsletters, roster of members, repeater sites and club information.

Club meeting: Third Wednesday of every month, County Administration Building

197 East Tabernacle, 7:00 p.m.


Sunday Evening Net:  Sunday 8:00 p.m.


Congratulations to our new hams: John Beecher, Nicholas Beecher, and Thomas Beecher!

Thanks to the course instructor, Duane Beecher

Next test: May 24, 7:00 p.m.

Food for Thought?

The Dixie Amateur Radio Club is like any club. We want it to be of interest to its members. What can we do to make the club more interesting and valuable to you? What can we do to better promote amateur radio in our community? What is your favorite thing about being a member of the club? What topic would you like to have a guest speaker talk about? Feel free to contact any of the club officers with your suggestions, gripes, praise, ideas, whatever you can think of. The club is for each of us, let your voice be heard.

Chums Annual Bike Race

Thanks to John Hunt (K7XE), who coordinated the event, and for all the hams who participated! Special thanks to Bill Well (KJ7RA) for getting the 146.820 repeater on the air!

For Sale: Classifieds

Walt May (KA7STK) has the following HF rigs for sale: Yaesu 707 with manual, extra mic and external speaker $250. Kenwood 130 with mic and manual $350. Contact Walt at 673-2742 or may_walt@sgmail.com.

Club Officers: These are the new officers for this year.

Position                      Name                          Call Sign        Phone             Email

President                     Travis Lofthouse        KD7FRN        652-8552        kd7frn@infowest.com

Vice President            Gary Zabriskie            N7ARE           674-2678        n7are@arrl.net

Treasurer                    Duane Beecher           KD7HEP        635-2632 

Secretary                     Jason Allsop               KD7GQT        635-5512        imove@infowest.com

Director                      Russ Bateman             K7SG              628-7311        k7sg@arrl.net

Director                      Steve Jeppson             N7WWV        674-4877        sjeppson@sisna.com

Director                      Paul Sudweeks           KD7BYD       673-3041 


There have been lots of inquiries and some misconceptions about the status of the local repeaters, where to find them, and how they are funded. The club as a whole has contributed very little to the maintenance and equipment involved in our local repeaters. Individual members, however, have contributed a lot! All are privately owned and funded through various sources. This is a summary of what I’ve been able to dig up. Special thanks to all those who provide and maintain the repeaters! Errors and omissions, please contact me at kd7frn@infowest.com.


Frequency     Location                     Owned By                  Other

146.820-         Utah Hill                     Wash Co./                   Snowbird Link. Funded by Washington

                                                            Dean Cox                    County Emergency Services

146.910-         Seegmiller Peak          Dean Cox

145.450-         Black Rock                 Russ Bateman             Coming soon

146.640-         Red Hill                      Russ Bateman             Autopatch*, phone line paid for by Simmons Media

147.260+        Black Rock                 Russ Bateman

146.700-         Winchester Hills         Walt May 

145.490-         Utah Hill                     Tom Griffith               100 Hz Tone

449.325-         Seegmiller Pk.            Dean Cox 

*Instructions for the autopatch “*64 ” brings it up, “#” takes it down.