Author:Dan Farwell



July 2002

President: Ron Sappington WI7Z V.P.: Dan Farwell W8EQA

Secretary: Mike Wellhoff KC7HGA Treasurer:Travis Lofthouse KD7FRN

Board of Directors: Casey Lofthouse, Travis Lofthouse, Duane Beecher



Our next DARC meeting will be on Wednesday July 17th, 2002

At 7:00 PM at the Dixie College Student Services Building (3rd Floor).

There will be talk-in assistance on 146.91- to help you find the club site if youíre not sure.


The following is a list of those who passed their license tests at the Field Day VE session:



Chuck Hardy -- upgraded to General -- KB7LDC

Paul Webster -- upgraded to Extra -- KC7QJR (from Vegas)

Seth Mildenhall -- upgraded to General -- KD7RPL (13 Years old)

Maren Mildenhall -- new Technician -- KD7RZC(12 years old)

Jill Rapier -- new Technician -- KD7RZD

Janine Hinkle -- new Technician -- KD7RZE





June 22, 2002 has come and gone and another successful Field Day is in the log book.

This year we conducted a VE session along with the festivities and are very pleased to announce that we had six license applicants and SIX

new hams or upgrades.

There were over 30 visitors and operators who signed in at the event sign-in sheet and probably a fair number who helped but, didnít sign-in.

Many thanks to all who put so much energy into the event:

Ron Sappington did a great job trying to keep everybody happy.

Russ Bateman supplied the heavy equipment (generator and cw trailer).

Jim Cowley and Walt May supplied the antennas and without the help of people like George Mackley, Casey Lofthouse and Gary Zabrinski(to name a few) the antennas never would have been put up.

Walt May made a very generous donation of three very fine wire antennas, complete with a Field Day carrying case to store them in.

Letís not forget the BBQ. Dan Sadler went above and beyond the call of duty there! His expertise behind that grill was greatly appreciated!!

Travis Lofthouse had, by far the best homemade beans. And Iím told there may be a bean cook-off for next yearsí event.

There were two stations (2A), one CW and one SSB, with some great help on CW (Ken Gully, K7PU and Bob Peterson, W7UT)

The combined QSO total was over 800 contacts and between the two stations we contacted all of the US states.

On Sunday our club got a front page story in the local paper that was very informative and supportive of our emergency preparedness exercise.

Our score total is pending acceptance of all of our extra point categories. But, it was a fine show all told!!

Many thanks again for everyoneís help I making a great Field Day and I hope everyone had a good time.


Raw Score breakdowns:


Summary for CW mode of operation

BAND††††††† QSO-Pts†† X†††† MULT=TOTAL


†† 80†††††††† 39†††††††††††††† 2††††† 78

†† 40††††††† 151†††††††††††††† 2††††† 302

†† 20††††††† 138†††††††††††††† 2††††† 276

†† 15††††††† 104†††††††††††††† 2††††† 208

†† 10††††††††† 1†††††††††††††† 2††††† 2


†††††††††††† 433†† X 2 pts X†† 2†† =1732


Summary for PHONE mode of operation

BAND††††††† QSO-Pts†† X†††† MULT=TOTAL


†† 40††††††† 170†††††††††††††† 2††††† 340

†† 20††††††† 186†††††††††††††† 2††††† 372

†† 15†††††††† 39†††††††††††††† 2††††† 78


†††††††††††† 395†† X 1 pts X†† 2††††† 790



Just a little reality check to what our brothers are doing in the Salt Lake City area club using only ONE transmitter.


Callsign Used : NC7J
††††††† Operators : K7CO NG7M W7CT

Default Exchange : 1A UT

††††††† Team/Club : UTAH CONTEST CLUB

†† BAND†† Raw QSOs†† Valid QSOs†† Points††

†† 80CW†††††† 76††††††††† 76†††††††† 60
†† 40CW††††† 399†††††††† 380††††††† 512
†† 40SSB†††† 215†††††††† 213††††††† 180
†† 20CW††††† 679†††††††† 639†††††† 1150
†† 20SSB†††† 466†††††††† 442††††††† 403
†† 15CW††††† 394†††††††† 381††††††† 426
†† 15SSB†††† 163†††††††† 156††††††† 156

Totals†††† 2392††††††† 2287†††††† 2887

Now thereís something to shoot for next year!!