Dixie Amateur Radio Club
For The Whole Ham Family September 2001


President’s Message

Hello everyone! I hope this newsletter finds you with health and happiness. We have had some great club meetings lately, thanks to all those who have shared their talents with us!

There are always many opportunities to get involved and volunteer in the Dixie Amateur Radio Club. With the upcoming marathon, club elections, senior games, etc., we will need all hands on deck, so to speak. Be thinking about what YOU can do. I’m very grateful to all those who willingly pitch in, THANK YOU.

Marathon News

Stephen Jeppson is our marathon coordinator again this year. He did a fabulous job last year and was willing to take the bull by the horns again this year. He will need approximately 30 volunteers to cover all of his stations for the big race on October 6. Call Steve anytime to get signed up and reserve your spot at 674-4877.

Repeater Information

The Dixie Amateur Radio Club has purchased the 145.490- repeater from Tom Griffith. It is on site at Utah Hill. We appreciate Tom for all his work and generous offer to the club. Thanks also to John Hunt for arranging the details of the purchase. Also thanks to John for handling the sale of all of the radio gear that was donated to the club, making it possible to purchase the repeater. We would like to apply for a club call sign to use on the repeater and for other events. Please contact Travis Lofthouse (652-8552) if you would like to submit the application for the club call sign.

What’s Happening?

There are many things going on in the club right now. We are gearing up for the Marathon, and following right on it’s tail are the World Senior Games and the scout Jamboree on the Air. We will need a nomination committee to prepare for elections of next year’s club officers. We have received connectors that we can use to try to standardize our connections for emergency use, and for moving radios from one location to another. We have also received a packet of educational material from the ARRL that we can use to put in libraries, schools, the scout office, etc. to promote amateur radio in our community. The club website is up and mostly running, with a few dead links that don’t lead anywhere yet. It is coming along though and can be found at www.dixieham.org.


The scout Jamboree On The Air is coming up October 20-21. If you would like to host a scout troop and introduce them to amateur radio for the event, please call Travis Lofthouse at 652-8552. This is a great opportunity to spark an interest in radio with the younger generation.

Club Officers

Travis Lofthouse        President         652-8552

Gary Zabriskie            Vice Pres.       674-2678

Duane Beecher           Treasurer        635-2632

Jason Allsop               Secretary         674-4080

Russ Bateman             Director          628-7311

Steve Jeppson             Director          674-4877

Paul Sudweeks           Director          673-3041