October 2002

President: Ron Sappington WI7Z  V.P.: Dan Farwell W8EQA

               Treasurer:Travis Lofthouse KD7FRN

Board of Directors: Casey Lofthouse, Travis Lofthouse, Duane Beecher


Our next DARC meeting will be on Wednesday October 18, 2002

At 7:00 PM at the Old Harmon’s Store (55 S. 900 E.)

There will be talk-in assistance on 146.91- to help you find the club site if you’re not sure.

We will conduct a VE test session at 6 PM on the night of the club meeting. Please contact Dan Farwell, 688-1609 or Ron Sappington, 673-4552 if you are a VE and can help during that test session.


We will have a shop night and be constructing solar panels.

Please bring the following tools:

Soldering iron and solder, cutter/strippers and screw drivers.

Next month we will be visiting the Infowest Internet Service for a tour.


The St. George Senior Games will be held this October 8 & 11, 2002.

The club has been asked to help with communications for the hill climb at Snow Canyon on Tuesday October 8th (9 AM –noon).

Also for the main bicycle race scheduled for Friday, October 11th from 9 AM until 2 PM . We still need a few operators for the road race on Friday. Please call Dan Farwell at 688-1609 if you’d like to help.


The St. George Marathon will be held on Saturday, October 5th, 2002.

The DARC will again be assisting this event with radio communication.


There will be a meeting this coming Thursday evening 7:30PM

at the Leisure Services building South of the St. George Library.

Make sure to be there and get your T – shirts!!


Dixie Amateur Radio Club

Bank Balance: $938.86



DARC is looking for new ideas for the 2002 Christmas Dinner and Club Party. Bring your suggestions to the next meeting!



Silent Key:

We are sad to announce the passing of Dolly Beckham, wife of G.R.   Beckham (W7FVM) of Ivins , Utah.