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These items are either items for sale  or wanted by Dixie Amateur Radio Club Members.  Please note that the pictures shown are for representational purposes only and were taken from various sources on the Internet. The pictures are  not the actual  item(s) for sale, unless it is specifically stated in the listing that they are pictures of the actual item.  See bottom of this page for listing information.


If you have a request for any ham radio related gear or equipment for your shack, pleased send an e-mail to w7drc@arrl.net with your wanted item(s) request and they will be listed here.  Please include you name, callsign and phone number with your message.

POSTED 05-24-2017

For sale: 
Millen Grid-Dip Meter, Type No. 90651, s/n 3127.  Mfg. by James Millen Mfg. Co., Inc. of Malden, Mass., USA.
Requires 115 VAC input power.  Includes three (3) coils:  Band B:  2.9-7.5 MHz, Band C:  6.4-16 MHz, and Band D:  13-32 MHz.  Separate filament/plate power switches and 1/4 inch headphone jack.

       Asking $50.00 as is.

Questions or offers send to w7thy01@gmail.com  John Hartung W7THY,  Cellular/text 435-632-4649 in Washington City,

POSTED 05-15-2017

Free Item: 
FREE - Perris Valley Camper 

I had it listed for $450 in KSL classified but still here art 1931 W. 5745 N., Winchester Hills, so will cancel the ad as need the room - so you can come and get it. It fits Dodge short bed pickups 1972 - 1993 or Chevy 1978-1987, (as I was told by a camper dealer in St. George). Has nice rack on top to carry pvc pipe, surfboard or whatever. Was on my '93 Dodge pickup while we  had our Floral Shop in town.

The  bicycle rack that can go back on it also has a mount for  a duo-band antenna which I used for years.  I have taken the camper off my Dodge and need the room so it is free if you\ can use it.  Cost me quite a bit when I purchased it new. Walt  May,  KA7STK

E-mail:  KA7STK@ifox.com    

POSTED 05-15-2017

For sale: 
Brand New, never used.  DEWALT Tough System tool organizer and carrier. 
Consists of the tool module carrier rack, a two drawer module and a top module.

$100.00 (less than half price)

Tom Staten k7xso
e-mail:  tomas_staten@bajabb.com
phone number: 801-201-5441

POSTED 05-12-2017

For sale: 
Selling MFJ-1786 magnetic loop antenna.  This 36 inch diameter loop antenna lets you operate 10 through 30 MHz continuously, including WARC bands.  Ideal for limited space -- apartments, small  lots, motor homes, attics or  mobile homes.  Enjoy both DX and local contacts.  Handles 150 watts.

MFJs super remote control has Auto Band Selection.  It auto-tunes to desired band, then beeps to alert you.  No control cable needed -- only the dedicated coax.  Fast/Slow tune buttons and built-in two range Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter let you quickly tune to your exact frequency.

All welded construction,  no mechanical joints, welded butterfly capacitor with no rotating contacts.  Radiator is 1.05 inch diameter aluminum tubing highest possible efficiency.   Each plate in tuning capacitor is welded for low loss and polished to prevent high voltage arcing, welded to the radiator, has nylon bearing, anti-backlash mechanism, limit switches, continuous no-step DC motor -- gives smooth precision tuning.

Heavy duty thick ABS plastic housing has ultraviolet inhibitor protection.  Requires 110 V AC input.
    Asking $350.00 as is. 

Questions or offers send to w7thy01@gmail.com  John Hartung W7THY,  Cellular/text 435-632-4649 in Washington City,

POSTED 05-10-2017

For sale: 
Nice clean Ameritron AL-811 600 watt amplifier. Works great and puts out full power. Covers 160 thru 10 meters with the 10 meter mod installed. I have used it for about a year and it has worked flawlessly, $650 OBO.

For sale: 
HyGain 14AVQ 40-10 meters vertical HF antenna.  Used. Partially disassembled, with all hardware and original manual. $60 OBO.


VIEW/PRINT PDF of Owners/Assembly manual

Contact Jay Rosenblum, K9VIT,  at
jrosenblum2@gmail.com or call (847) 800-7623.
St. George, Utah

POSTED 05-10-2017

For sale: 
Icom IC-7600 for sale. $1800

For sale:

(Note:  Stock Images- Not actual units for sale- please contact Mac for actiual pictures and additional information)

Mac Harmer K8NG

POSTED 05-10-2017

For sale: 

Item 1.  New Rig Blaster as of this week, never used.   $75.00


Item 2. ****SOLD****Accessories for a “Gator Box”,  (see Sweetwater.com under gator box.)  factory new.  Make offer, I am easy.    (One flanged panel, I paid $9.00.  Three flat panels, I paid $7.44, apiece)  MAKE OFFER, I REALLY AM EASY!!

(Note:  These photos of actual units for sale) 

Tom Staten, K7XSO

St. George, Utah


POSTED 05-05-2017

For sale: 
Selling 2m/70cm items:  Icom T7A hand-held transceiver (s/n 02352 up to 4 Watts output) with Icom FA-1443B VHF/UHF "rubber duck" antenna, belt clip, and instruction manual.  Comes with BP-170L battery case with 6 ea AA batteries.  Original CP-12 dc charger and original BC-110A ac charger (which may be used  if buyer purchases a rechargeable battery) are included.  Valor  Pro-Am dual band antenna (12 ft RG-58 cable with PL259 connector, 144-148 MHz 2m unity gain, 435-450 MHz 2.1 dB gain, 150 Watt rated with 3 inch magnetic mount 3/8 x 24 thread PM144-450 - suitable for mobile) with PL259/BNC coax adapter.  ARRL repeater directory for 2015/2016 also included.
Asking $50.00 as is.

Questions or offers contact John Hartung,  W7THY,  email:  w7thy01@gmail.com, Cell phone (435) 632-4649. Located in Washington City, Utah.


POSTED 05-05-2017

For sale: 

LDG AT-7000 automatic antenna load tuner for ICOM transceiver.  Rated 0.1 to 125 watt SSB/CW on  HF and 100 watt on 6 M.  Works with any ICOM radio that supports  AH-3 or AH-4 ICOM antennas.  Matches up to 10:1 VSWR on  HF and 3:1 VSWR on 6 M (4-800 ohm load on HF and 16-150 ohm load on 6 M). Unit is 6.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall, weight is 1.5 pound.  Gets DC power directly from the radio.  Includes 2000 memories for instantaneous band changing.  Control from ICOM radio with Tuner button.  Tuning time 0.1 to 6 seconds full tune, or 0.1 second memory tune. 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage.  Built-in  frequency sensor.  For dipoles, verticals, or any coax-fed antenna.  Ready to use with Instructions, Interface Cable and Coax jumper. 

Asking $130.  Please make offer. 

Questions/offer to w7thy01@gmail.com.  John  Hartung W7THY, Phone 435-632-4649. Located in Washington City, Utah.

POSTED 05-05-2017

For sale: 

Rigblaster Plug & Play by West Mountain Radio data jack sound card, rig control and CW interface in original box.  Includes DVD and unit with input and output stereo audio connections, USB connector, Rigblaster Data Jack plug & play cord with RPA/1 extension for 8-pin ACC1 Icom connector.

New in 2009.  Does NOT include CI-V Rig Control Cable for Icom or Ten-Tec radio, and does NOT include CW keying cable (non-stereo cable).  Buyer should be able to obtain these cables from West Mountain Radio or other source.

Asking $80.00.  Please make offer. 

Questions or offer, write to John Hartung, W7THY, w7thy01@gmail.com.  Phone 435-632-4649.  Located in Washington City, Utah.

POSTED 05-05-2017

For sale: 

Don't allow restrictions to keep you off of 80 meters.  Especially if you have space in your garage for this Magnetic Loop Antenna, which covers 80 thru 20 meters continuously.  It stands 100 inches high, about 7 feet by 2 feet horizontal.  Uses 1-1/8 inch diameter copper tubing about 20.5 feet in length (6-1/4 feet diameter) with Jennings UCS-400 variable vacuum capacitor for tuning.  Motor, gears, limit switches, drive shaft and controller (with coaxial connectors), AC power supply and cables included (see photo).  Photo (2009 Field Day) shows antenna on a small trailer with its builder - some small improvements to the coupling loop have been made.  The UCS-400 is rated 10 KV and 50 Amp maximum - modelling software indicates maximum voltage for 100 watts is about 4200 volts.

Asking $450.00 for this unit as it.  Please make offer.  Due to the kindness of a neighbor, the unit can be transported about 100 miles from the St George, Utah area, although some fuel expense may be incurred.  If questions or offer, write to w7thy01@gmail.com.  John Hartung

W7THY.  Phone 435-632-4649.  Located in Washington City, Utah.

POSTED 05-05-2017

For sale: 

Ameritron RCS--8V Remote Coax Switch, s/n 17132 (new in 1997).  Provides remote switching for up to 5 antenna using a single coax (from rig) with negligible loss up to 250 MHz, and only light compromise in VSWR up to 450 MHz.  Power rating four kilowatts PEP below 30 MHz and one kilowatt PEP at 150 MHz. Rotator or telephone type control cable with six conductors required (4-ft 8 wire cable included). 

Control console contains power supply and switching selector that supplies voltage for the relay box.  Front panel has 5 LED's that indicate antenna in use.  Operates on 117 VAC 50/60 Hz line voltage.  Complete instructions included.

Asking $120.00 for this unit.  Please make offer.  Questions or offer, write to John Hartung W7THY, w7thy01@gmail.com.  Phone 435-632-4649. Located in Washington City, Utah.

POSTED 05-05-2017

For sale: 

2 element mini beam antenna for 20-15-10 and 6 meter bands.  Mini-Products HQ-1 "Hybrid Quad" (mfg. in Erie, PA. - The company was later sold to TGM Communications of Stratford, Ont.Canada, which now markets a simular antenna, the MQ-1).  Restored to good condition with complete set of tuning "spokes".  Very compact two element beam, can be rotated with most TV rotators.  Full set of assembly and tuning instructions included (I operated mine in a cramped attic without rotator for most of 18 years and it worked well).

Asking $350 for this antenna, as is, please make offer.  Questions or offer, write to John Hartung, W7THY w7thy01@gmail.com.   Phone 435-632-4649. Located in Washington City, Utah.

POSTED 05-05-2017


For sale: 

YouKits HB-1B 4 W, 4 band transceiver, excellent condx with paddles and wire tuner included. Asking $275 for all.  Join the QRP revolution!

Steve Peterson, KI7L
POSTED 04-11-2017

For sale, two scanners.

Uniden Bearcat BCD996XT  Trunk Scanner IV.  Like new condx, with mounting bracket, program cable, Nifty Manual, and I'll even throw in a discone scanner antenna. Asking $350 for all.

Radio Shack Hand held scanner 20-527 PRO-97 Multi System Trunking, with easy programming manual and programming cable. $50

Steve Peterson, KI7L

Webmaster's note:
Here are some "stock" photos of the models of the scanners described above that I found on the web, so you know what these units are. These are not photos of the actual units being sold. Please contact Steve for further information.

POSTED 11-03-2016

It's more than a year since I came to the Ham Radio club meeting with radio equipment from my deceased father. I have only  a couple items here in my possession, including this:

For sale:  MFJ Differential T Tuner and two connecting cables. I  understand it's an excellent tuner. I was told it's the one that can
operate at the full 1500 watts.  I think new ones sell for $599, and I was told I might sell this one on eBay for around $300 or more, but I
don't want to deal with all that. I just want to get it in the hands of someone who can use it. So if $175 would interest someone in the
radio club, I'll add the two cables with it; everything for $175.  I may bring it to the next club meeting -- if someone hasn't offered to buy it before then.
Dan Thornton

Actual Photos of tuner andincluded cables. (click to enlarge):

POSTED  05-03-2017

For sale by K5JCA,

Wilson SY36 HF Beam Antenna 10, 15, 20m 6-Element Tri-Bander

All parts including Balun are included.

Partially assembled and pre tuned.
Excellent performance an all three bands 10, 15, & 20m.
A great buy!


Located in my back yard, ready to view!
Call or text if you are interested!

Tell your friends.

Please text or call Jim Ashby, K5JCA, at 435-619-5333 if you are interested.  

POSTED 10-19-2016

Affordable HF Rig. Great for new users and perfect for a backup rig.

Kenwood TS-130SE HF Transceiver with matching power supply and mic. This was bought as my Novice rig in 1983. Through the last 33 years, it's been solid as a rock. Comes with matching power supply. This was one of Kenwood's first all solid-state HF transceivers and it is still one of the best.

I managed a two-way radio shop in the 1990s and 2000s and the technicians took great care of this rig for me. Wasn't hard. Every time they looked at it, the transmitter was right on frequency, the receiver was extremely sensitive, and the electronics just needed a dusting out now and then.

The appearance is a bit rough. This rig is a veteran of many Field Days over the years, in fact, if you've been in the club long enough you may have worked this rig at a Field Day! Right now the only problem is the coaxial connector in the back is a bit loose. That's an easy fix and the wiring is not affected. All knobs and switches are intact and working.

Rig covers 10-80 meters at 90-110 watts, with an easy modification for the WARC bands that has not been done. This rig does not have a general coverage receiver. It has all the bells and whistles that Kenwood was famous for in the early 1980s, including a very handy IF shift and automatic sideband selection. Digital and analog displays will keep you right on frequency. I have worked many DX stations with this rig. The receiver is ultra-sensitive and it is awesome.

Power supply is included. The PS-130 is a matching supply for the radio and supplies 20A continuous 13.8V power. The power supply turns on and off automagically with the rig's power switch. Simple plug in connector plus a 10A screw port for other uses.

$300 firm for both. I will not sell the items separately. No shipping, you must pick it up at my home in St. George.

Thanks! Ric Wayman K7DLX

E-mail Ric to discuss:  richard@wayman.us  

These are actual pictures of the rig. Click on each to enlarge that photo:

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

If you wish to list an item, or items, for sale please e-mail the list along with your contact information (alternate e-mail, telephone numbers) as well as the asking price for the equipment.  Send the e-mail to: w7drc@arrl.net

Also, if you are in need of ham equipment and/or accessories, please send e-mail to the same address with your requested items.   Most assuredly there is someone out there with the gear you are looking for!

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