D I X I E    A M A T E U R     R A D I O   C L U B ,  I N C .
Dixie Amateur Radio ClubUtah's "Dixie" is located in southwestern Utah

Dixie Amateur Radio Club, Inc. Bylaws


The Dixie Amateur Radio Club has Bylaws.  The current Club Bylaws were
adopted with a unanimous vote of the general Membership of the Club in attendance at the July 18, 2007 Club meeting.  

The  Bylaws were amended by a vote of the general membership at the May 21, 2008 general Club meeting after being properly advertised.   That revision was in regards to procedures for the conducting of elections for the Club Officers and Board.  Key changes include: changing when nominations will be opened; putting in place a procedure for uncontested positions; and making permanent that all elections shall be done by mail ballot to all full members as was done this year (for office positions where there is more than one candidate).

The Bylaws were again amended by a majority vote at the March 17, 2010 general Club meeting after being properly advertised.  These amendments to the Bylaws changed term of membership from calendar year to 12 consecutive months;  changed honorary (lifetime) members to be considered the same as a full member for all purposes of the Club; and provided for the designation of a chairperson for committees at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

On August 15, 2012 the Bylaws were amended by the membership present at the general club meeting by a vote of 31 for and 4 against.  Changes were made to the structure of the Board of Directors, and the method in which our officers are elected.

The Club's Bylaws, as amended through August 15, 2012,
are available for viewing, downloading and/or printing as a PDF file by clicking on the following  link button:
Bylaws Link

General questions regarding the Club Bylaws can be sent to the Club Board to:  w7drc@arrl.net

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