D I X I E    A M A T E U R     R A D I O   C L U B ,  I N C .
Dixie Amateur Radio ClubUtah's "Dixie" is located in southwestern Utah

Dixie Amateur Radio Club, Inc. Sunday Night Net


Repeater System DiagramThe Dixie Amateur Radio Club holds a weekly VHF Sunday Night Net each Sunday at 8:00 P.M. Mountain Time.  The net is always at 8:00 P.M. regardless of whether it is Mountain Standard Time (MST) or Daylight Savings Time (MDT).

The net is held on the Club's linked repeater system. 
Here are the new frequencies that you can check in on:
  •    145.490 MHz  Utah Hill  (covering most areas of the southern Washington County, northern Clark County, NV)
  •    146.640 MHz  Stout Hill  (coverage of  Downtown St. George, Washington City and parts of Hurricane City)
  •    145.450 MHz Toquerville  (coverage of northern county, eastern county areas)
Remember, the frequency that you should have your transceiver's receiver set on is the frequency shown above.   You should have the transmit offset set to minus (-) 600kHz  and require a 100hz CTCSS tone to access

Most net control stations also monitor the input frequency to listen for any stations who may not be getting a sufficient signal to the repeater station.

All Club Members are encouraged to check in to the net.  Use the link below for a "check-in roster" of net members. 

All licensed ham operators visitors are especially invited to participate in the DARC Sunday Night Net.  Check-ins for visitors will occur after the roll-call. 

CLICK HERE to view a PDF presentation on the linked repeater system (PDF file viewer required).

Sunday Night Net Roster

DARC club members and visitors,

Due to the enormous and almost unmanageable growth of the Sunday Evening Net we need to make some protocol changes regarding the expiration of operators on the roll call list. For quite some time we have not been enforcing the requirements, as indicated in the preamble, that require a operator to check in twice every calendar month to remain a member of the roll call list. Instead we have allowing anyone to check in once every three months, and continue to remain a member.

There were numerous reasons for doing this, however, it has caused the list to become almost unmanageable. The changes we will make to the protocol will help alleviate this problem, will be clear in the preamble, will be more lenient than the previous official protocol, and finally no one will be exempt from it.  Starting January 1st of  2017, the preamble will be changed to 5tate that members must check in once every calendar month in order to remain on the roll call list.

Members will still have the opportunity to freeze their place on the roll when they are on vacation or physically unable to check in due to sickness or equipment failure. But when they freeze their spot, their call-sign will not be called on the roll until they ask a net control operator to unfreeze them. At the end of every month, any member without exception who has not checked in at least once, and has not been frozen, will be removed from the roll call list, and will loose their placement. To re-join the list, they will need to check in 3 times in a calendar month as a guest, and then be added to the end of the list.

Thank you for your understanding with this issue, and we look forward to hearing you on the air.


The DARC Sunday Evening Net Control Operators

P.S.   Checking in the Club's Sunday Night VHF net each week is a good way to test your equipment and it also is a great way for new ham radio operators to become more comfortable talking over the radio.

Sunday Night Net Preamble

When the net is called, a very specific preamble is read.  Please CLICK HERE to view/download/print the net preamble.

ARRL Amateur Radio Radiogram Message Form and Instructions

The American Radio Relay League has an official message form used for passing formal written traffic, known as a Radiogram.  Please CLICK HERE to view/print the ARRL Radiogram Form. 

There are instructions for properly using the Radiogram form. Please CLICK HERE to view/print the instructions (ARRL Form FSD-3).

(Please note: You will need an Adobe Acrobat compatible reader to view/print the Net Roster and Net Preamble and Message Forms/Instructions)

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