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Dixie Amateur Radio Club, Inc. Current Newsletter

The current Club Newsletter  (the Summer 2022 edition) is

available for viewing,  downloading and/or printing
by either clicking on the image above or clicking on this link below:

The Club is again producing a quarterly newsletter that can be viewed here above using the link. Our Newsletter Editor, Ted     Asmus, K8UKE,  is a volunteer, and is looking for short articles (50 to 150 words long) that we can put in the Clubs newsletters.  We know that many of you can easily write these. 

Here are some of the topics we would like you write about, however, others are certainly welcome and appreciated:

...Why do you need an antenna tuner for HF
...What's the difference between a good swr meter and a less expensive one
...What kind of pattern do you get with a hood mount vhf antenna.  Is it better in the front or back
...Do rooftop magnetic antennas work ok
...How well does echolink work from a phone
...For HF, how much power do you need
...For digital vhf, when should you use more than 5 watts
...Can you do CQ DXing with digital vhf.  Will anyone answer you?
...Test, how far can you "get out" with a yagi on vhf.
...How do different antennas compare on the same vehicle re SWR
...How long will a VHF last on two 6 volt lantern batteries
...How you can use a CB SWR meter for VHF...is it worth the bother?
...How to build a HF loop antenna for your back yard
...Why do many Ham operators in Las Vegas use UHF rather than VHF
...What's so special about Icom radios
...Why does the Club want to get solar back-up equipment and what will it take
...Stories about ham radio from some of the old guys
...History lessons learned from Elmer's
...How can a Ham radio be useful in an emergency, real stories or just ideas
...What is a good radio to get started with HF?

Advertiser/Sponsors for the Club:

We are and will continue to also be soliciting advertising/sponsors who will be recognized in the Newsletter and at meetings.

Newsletter Editor:

Please feel free to contact our Newsletter Editor Ted Asmus, K8UKE, at
ted@tasmus.com if you would like to write something or have news to add to an future edition. 


You can also view an archive of past Club Newsletters by CLICKING HERE or on the "
Newsletter Archive" button found at the bottom of any page on this web site.

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