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Dixie Amateur Radio ClubUtah's "Dixie" is located in southwestern Utah

Useful Ham Radio Related Web Links


The Dixie Amateur Radio Club is providing these links for your convenience.  The Club is not responsible for the content found on these outside sites.

Ham Radio Web Links:

How to Apply for a "Vanity Callsign":

We have had several inquiries on how to request a "Vanity Callsign".   This will provide some guidance and links to accomplish requesting a special callsign.  You have 2 options to request a vanity callsign. You can apply with a paper application or apply online.  The ARRL web site has info on how to apply via either way:   http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/vanity.html

You can also apply for a vanity callsign electronically (on-line) at the FCC web site.  You can find information on how to apply on-line by connecting to the FCC's web site at http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/ . Click on the icon entitled “Online Filing LOG IN” to access the FCC's interactive, on-line application system.

You are gooing to need to identify that the callsign you are considering is in fact available to be issued to you.  Here are a few links to check their availability:
QRZ   http://www.qrz.com/directory.cgi
WM7D   http://www.wm7d.net/fcc/callsign.html
Sunnyvale VEC  http://www.amateur-radio.org/vanity.htm
N4MC's Vanity HQ   http://www.vanityhq.com
hamdata.com   http://www.hamdata.com
AE7Q  http://www.ae7q.com

We hope this helps you in obtaining your desired callsign.

FOX HUNTS (Hidden Transmitter Searchs)

From time to time, hidden transmitter search exercises known as a "Fox Hunt" are held by the Club. The most recent hunt was held on Saturday, May 21st.  When the next event date is scheduled it will be posted here. For those interested in participating in future hunts (which will be announce here),  you can build a tape measure beam (see the info on this below).  Here is some information on other types of RDF units:

"Homing-type" DF antenna units:

Purchased Kit:  
There is an inexpensive ($45) direction finding device that can be purchased as a kit which works very well at locating the fox.  You can find information on their  "Searcher" direction finder kit on the RainbowKits web site.    

 Here is a direct LINK to the "Searcher" direction finding  device.

If you want to understand the technology behind this type of RDF unit, an excellent tutorial is available on the Utah Amateur Radio Club (UARC) web site.   Mike Mladejovsky, WA7ARK, designed the circuits presented on the UARC website. 

                       Click on this LINK to go directly to the RDF page on the UARC web site.

Doppler Direction Finder units:  
If you want a Doppler-type direction finding unit in a complete kit form, they can be obtained from several sources.  One of these is at the at the following link:      http://www.gssteched.com/rddf1.html

2 meter Band Tape Measure Beam and Attenuator Plans/Kits

There were numerous requests for information on how to build the tape measure beam that was presented at the January 21, 2010 Club Meeting. Please use this link to get all the information you need:

In addition, there are project plans/kit for the construction of an active attenuator that could be used with the 2 meter tape measure antenna above for fox hunting. You can get information about the attenuators here:    http://www.homingin.com/joek0ov/offatten.html

  http://swap.qth.com/     Online Ham Radio Classified Ads

 http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/    FCC Wireless Division ULS System

http://www.cheapqsls.com/   Cheap QSL Cards

http://www.qslshop.com/    Another Source of QSL Cards

http://www.w4mpy.com/   Another source of QSL Cards

http://www.rusprint.com/    Another source of QSL cards

http://www.radiodan.com/aa6ee/    ARRL Books, CD-ROMs, Callbooks on CD-ROM

http://www.ww-manufacturing.com/    Manufacturer of replacement batteries for handheld transceivers, etc.

http://www.powerwerx.com/   One stop shopping for anything to do with Anderson Powerpole connectors, etc.

http://www.batteryprice.com/   Another good source for batteries for all different types of devices and equipment.

http://www.batteriesamerica.com/    Another source of batteries

http://www.icomamerica.com/    Icom America's Official Web Site

http://www.yaesu.com/    Yaesu's Official Web Site

http://www.aesham.com/    Amateur Electronic Supply Website

http://www.mfjenterprises.com    MFJ Official Web site

http://www.kenwood.net/    Kenwood's Official Web Site

http://www.alpha-amps.com/    Alpha RF Amplifiers

http://www.mods.dk/    Amateur Radio Equipment Modifications, etc.

http://www.hamrad.com/   Amateur Radio Resource Page

http://www.eham.net/    Ham Radio on the Net

http://www.techwholesale.com/radio-education-reviews.html    Radio Education:  Articles, Guides, and Tutorials

http://www.arrl.org/    The Official Web Site of the American Radio Relay League

http://www.ac6v.com/   Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide

http://www.silverstateclassic.com/   How to go as fast as you want on a stretch of Nevada highway

https://www.weboost.com/   weboost , a company founded by one of America's best known amateur operators, Jim Wilson, N7JW

http://interneteffects.com/walt/   Walt May, KA7STK's web site

http://www.qsl.net/w7rrr/    Melody Farwell, W7RRR's Web Site

http://www.qsl.net/w8eqa/   Dan Farwell, W8EQA's Web Site

http://www.qsl.net/wa7lnw/    Jack Reed, WA7LNW's Web Site

http://www.cadxa.org/   Central Arizona DX Association Web Site

http://home.beyondbb.com/gzabriskie    Gary Zabriskie, N7ARE's Web Site

Note: Please e-mail the Webmaster if you find any of these links to be "dead" or "changed".  Send that info to: w7drc@arrl.net

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